The Museum of the American Military Family

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From bumper stickers to yellow ribbons to public address announcements at big sporting events, the public is constantly reminded of the work of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and other members of the military. There is a general recognition that our military  faces sacrifice, separation, danger, and deployment to troubled areas.

Few public symbols address the challenges of the families the service member leaves behind. The difficulties the service member faces are also difficulties of the parents, spouses, children, and extended family members. It has been said that “we also serve who only stand and wait.”

However, it is not a case of standing and waiting. It is a case of keeping the home together, tending the needs of the household, and dealing with daily issues, many of which would be dealt with the military member.

For many families, the acceptance of a service member’s job and life-style is difficult. Learning to live among a hierarchical society with unique customs and traditions takes considerable adjustment. Even families of long-standing experience in a military society, the gap between civilian and military life often seems wide.

The Museum of the American Military Family appreciates the 400+ years of American Military Family service. Check out the museum at

Mail to: 546B State Highway 333 Tijeras NM 87059

Phone: (505) 504-6830  Location: 546 B State Hwy 333 (Old Route 66)  Tijeras, NM 87059

Some photos courtesy of the Library of Congress

2 Comments on “The Museum of the American Military Family”

  1. My late father (March 23, 1988), Sgt Frank Rodriguez, Jr. served thirty-nine years in the U.S. Army was a veteran of Korea and Vietnam and a Purple Heart recipient. He was stationed in Munich, Germany between 1963 and 1966. We lived in Perlacher Forst in an apartment complex and attended Munich American High School and Munich American Elementary School. These are the names of my family members: MSgt. Frank Rodriguez, Jr., (Dad) (passed away as previously stated), Isabel Rodriguez (Mom) (passed away Jan. 7, 2009), Cathy Rodriguez [Zinger] (sis), Anthony Rodriguez (brother) (passed away Jan. 20, 2010), Douglas (Doug) Rodriguez, Donald (Don) Rodriguez (brother), Elizabeth (Liz) Rodriguez [Nunley] (sis) and Bryan Rodriguez (brother) (born in Munich, Germany Dec. 26, 1964) We traveled to Germany with our father aboard the USNS Alexander M. Patch boarding in Brooklyn, N.Y. and arriving at Bremerhaven, Germany. Despite the many challenges, our family’s military life is our most treasured memory.

    If possible please add this information to your museum, to honor the tremendous sacrifices my mother and family made in support of our military husband/father. Our family is from Southern Colorado. Dad was stationed at [Ft. Carson, Ft. Riley and many other Army bases]. Thank you graciously.

    • americanmilitaryfamilymuseum says:

      Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s apparent that your dad loved serving in the Army–39 years is truly dedication…Your mom sure had her hands full with all you kids; I’m sure she had stories to tell. Our mission is to preserve and share the stories and memories of 250+ years of American Military Family history…all aspects of military family life. Do you have one memory that stands out for you in particular that you would care to post?

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