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Definition of REDEPLOY

transitive verb

: to transfer from one area or activity to another

intransitive verb

: to relocate men or equipment also: re·de·ploy·ment

Coming Home

A picture on the cover of LIFE MAGAZINE in August 1945 told it all – a sailor passionately kissing a nurse in Times Square surrounded by thousands of cheering, dancing New Yorkers who had just got the news: The War Is Over. It’s fair to say that the whole nation was jubilant, relieved.

Most homecomings were joyful. Returning veterans were honored, loved. They had done valorous deeds and deserved the hero’s welcome most received. But there were adjustments to be made, even for the happiest reunions. Toddlers had become teens; teens had gone to college, to work, even into the military. Wives and sweethearts had found new careers, some even new partners.

Homecoming from Vietnam was considerably different. Veterans were often greeted with hostility and found the home front vastly different from their predecessors returning from WWII and Korea. Their families also felt the brunt of anti-war sentiment, and “fitting-in” to civilian life with their veteran was often difficult.

Many veterans return from wars vastly changed. Some physically because of loss of arms or legs or both; some mentally because of what they had seen and done. Family members have to deal with a veteran’s special needs, some unable to cope and consequently run away. Caring for a seriously disabled veteran is a demanding and never-ending job.  Each coming home is an individual’s personal story.

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