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Father’s Day

FATHERS DAY 1950, docking in Bremerhaven, Germany, the General Rose, Major Charles E. Mahaney, wife Marion and their eight children, were presented Father’s Day cake.  On the cake were the names of each child on a cookie. Major and family will be stationed in Germany for three years. His duty will be Chief of Purchasing, Contracting, and Auditing. At docking, he’d received notice of the U.S.A. entering the KOREA WAR.

The three oldest sons would serve– BOB Air Force, DICK Coast Guard, JOHN Army in Korea. One of BOB’s daughters later will serve in NAVY, and her son, too, would join the NAVY and her daughter in the ARMY. Major Mahaney while stationed in GERMANY will be made a LT. COL. He will serve for twenty five years in U.S. ARMY– WW ll, KOREA, and VIETNAM.

Photo: Dennis Mahaney


Another Amazing Military Mom!

Susan Combs Jones‎
This was Mom’s passport picture when we were stationed in England. I don’t know how she managed, as she travelled with all of us, by herself, from Pennsylvania to England. Of course Dad had already travelled ahead of us to find a place for us when we arrived.