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With the cost of operations continually on the rise,memberships seemed to be one of the economic moves to help us stay operational. The Museum of the American Military Family is an all-volunteer organization and we need your help!


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3 Comments on “Become a Member”

  1. chip lyman says:

    Sharing a memory coinciding with the fall of the Berlin Wall and Veterans’ Day. 1985, troop train left Frankfurt in the January night. It was cold. It was the Cold War. Either East German or Russian soldiers boarded the train someplace in-between Frankfurt and Berlin to check our documents and to make sure those who embarked earlier had not disembarked someplace in east German territory in the black night. Then we made Berlin and were billeted at Tempelhof. Imagine if you will a real, rather than fictional, nightmare hotel — I did not sleep well there. Berlin was still an “occupied” city at the time, so as long as we were in uniform we could go through Checkpoint Charlie past no man’s land and into East Berlin. Here it was even colder than it was on the troop train. Once again, it was the Cold War. Our superior officers told us to go to East Berlin and be American. So Chip, being Chip, went with a few friends, all minor officer ranks, to a Czech club in the East where a soft rock band was playing on electric guitars, drums, keyboards and bass. They were cool, I got that vibe, in a western way, yet very subdued, so they played it soft. I asked with hand gestures if I could jam with them, to which they agreed, which took some guts on all of our parts. There were a number of Soviet people there, in Kennedy like ties and 1960s era suits, smoking cigarettes and looking at me not very nicely. So I turned it up and played Hang on Sloopy by the McCoys, we played it in G, and they played so well. Four chords and the truth. A few years later the Wall fell. Just a memory, I guess. It was the Cold War.

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